Gran Canaria Wing Foil School in Maspalomas
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1x Student

wing foil student

1x Instructor

wing foil teacher


wing foil instrument
  • 1 hour: 90€ 115€

  • 2 hours: 150€ 230€

Price include drinkable water and a snack
Shuttle-bus included

Wing Foil School

It is the newest board sport and is enjoying great success. This new discipline consists of operating a wing free of the board and without cables, to be held directly with both hands. The board, which is usually small for the more experienced riders, is fitted with a hydrofoil fin with different set-up possibilities, depending on the level of the rider. The result is a mix of wind foiling, kite foiling and sup foiling.

Gliding on a wing foil you immediately feel a great sense of freedom of movement on the water, using both wind and wave energy.

The thing that makes wing foil and wing surfing really fun is the low wind strength needed to glide. Without a hydrofoil board, you can sail with a handful of knots, while to fly a wing foil with a 5m wing you can start having fun from 10 knots upwards.

The wing can be totally inflatable, or with a rigid boom that can be attached, all while remaining in very small spaces.

Achieved Skills and certification levels

Level 1
  • Terminology
  • Setup, secure and pack down
  • Handling the wing on the beach
Level 2
  • Enter/Exit the water
  • Self-rescue
  • ROW rules
  • Ride on knees
  • Ride standing
Level 3
  • Pumping/getting on the hydrofoil
  • Ride upwind/downwind
  • Foot change
  • Jibes
  • Tacks
  • Catching swell