Gran Canaria Kitesurf School in Maspalomas

Kitesurf courses and certifications

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L1 Beginner
  • SEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment
  • Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land
  • Kite setup
  • Safety systems use
  • Pre-flight check
  • Launch and land as an assistant
  • First piloting and explore the wind window's edge
  • Let go of the bar
  • Twist and untwist the lines
  • Fly one-handed
  • Trim introduction
  • Walk while flying the kite
  • Launch and land as a pilot
  • Wind window theory
  • Inflight quick release activation
  • Self-land
  • Equipment packing
L2 Intermediate
  • Enter and exit the water while controlling the kite
  • Water relaunch
  • Body-drag with 2 hands, kite stable
  • Body-drag with power stroke
  • Body-drag upwind
  • Body-drag with the board
  • Self-rescue and pack down introduction
  • ROW (Right Of Way) rules introduction
  • Steady-pull
  • Waterstart
  • Controlled stop
L3 Advanced
  • Control of speed by edging
  • Ride upwind
  • Sliding transition
  • Ride toeside
  • Jibe
  • Self-launch
  • Self-rescue and pack down in deep water
  • Basic Jump

Kitesurfing course prices

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1x Student

kitesurf student

1x Instructor

kitesurf teacher


kitesurf instrument
  • 1 hour: 90€ 115€

  • 2 hours: 150€ 230€

Price include drinkable water and a snack
Shuttle-bus included

Kitesurfing is a sport that offers unique emotions and is really within everyone's reach. Contrary to popular belief, Kitesurfing is one of the easiest and quickest water sports to learn. Thanks to state-of-the-art, safe and easy-to-use equipment, together with our teaching method, it will only take a few lessons to be able to make your first glides on the board.

Our teaching method is based on many years of experience gained in the most challenging and famous spots in the world. This experience has allowed the International kitesurf school team to expand and adapt their teaching methods to the different conditions that can be encountered in the various spots. Passion and constant updating, together with the continuous search for the best materials, are the basis of our work.

Our lessons are all-inclusive and include: full equipment, communication systems, insurance, instructor and rescue.

International kitesurf school instructors are qualified by the top associations such as IKO.

For the 2022 season, our technical team has chosen Core Kiteboarding, a top-of-the-range brand that takes particular care in the manufacture of materials.

The minimum requirements for access to the courses are as follows:

  • Being able to swim